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Long Beach 5th District

Educator, business owner , Pilot Instructor

 Improving the quality of life for our community.

Demonstrated Leadership

  • Educator in LBUSD for 23 years.
  • Teacher of the year nominee. 2008
  • Introduced School Loop to LB High Schools
  • Masters Degree- Pepperdine University
  • Small Business owner since 2008.
  • Aviation Summer Camp. 
  • Pilot and Flight Instructor.
  • Volunteer - Young Eagles
  • ​Department Chair. Career and Technical Education.
  • School Loop Leader/Trainer.
  • Youth Coach: Pop Warner, High School Football and Lacrosse.​
  • COSMOS Fellow - UC Irvine​

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Elect Tom Sutfin LB City Council 5th District

  • Committed to:
  • developing quality communities.
  • bringing quality jobs to our city.
  • connecting schools to careers.
  • tirelessly improving public safety.
  • access and transparency in LB.


Make a difference 

One of the reasons that I am running is  to emphasize involvement in government. Please be involved. 


Support a Cause

Your donation makes a huge difference to the campaign. The campaign for City Council has been funded by close friends, Tom and kind supporters like you. Please keep the campaign rolling. Donations to campaigns are not tax deductible. 

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I'm not a politician(at least not yet  ;-), I'm not owned by anyone, I'm not paid for, I'm not a lobbyist, I don't need a pension, I'm not funded by outside resources, and I'm not looking to run for congress.

I am a teacher,  small business owner, father, husband and a citizen who wants to see the city become a better place. It's fundamental. There are a lot of great things about the City of Long Beach but there is a lot of work to be done. I'm ready to go! Vote April 8th. 

Please join me in this journey. This is your city as much as it is mine. It would be an honor to serve you as your Councilman.  

-Tom Sutfin

My name is Tom Sutfin. I am a teacher and an owner of Aviation Summer Camp. I’ve taught in Long Beach for over two decades and have been at Millikan High School for the last 20 years. I’m happily married with two boys. Mitch is a junior at CAMS and Matt is in the 6th grade at Newcomb. I am very proud of them and their endeavors as they become responsible young men.  They are one of the reasons that I am in this race. 

I am running for city council for the simple reason that I want to make this district and the city better for my family and neighbors. I took the first step to filing election papers when I complained to a friend about the city. He promptly gave me the advice which I administer to others when I hear complaints. “Do something about it”. So I did. With the belief that all politics are local and the mantra Life-Liberty-Happiness as my guide I started this journey. 

As your councilman, I will represent the interests of district 5 so that our quality of life is never in jeopardy. I will work with other council to attain common goals for the city while protecting the neighbors of district 5. Each of the five points either sustains or improves the quality of life in district 5. 

“The necessity of pursuing happiness [is] the foundation of liberty.  As therefore the highest perfection of intellectual nature lies in a careful and constant pursuit of true and solid happiness; so the care of ourselves, that we mistake not imaginary for real happiness, is the necessary foundation of our liberty. The stronger ties we have to an unalterable pursuit of happiness in general, which is our greatest good, and which, as such, our desires always follow, the more are we free from any necessary determination of our will to any particular action…” (John Locke 1894, p. 348)-